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Kim's Story


If you would have told me ten years ago that I would own

a florist, a tea room, and be a widow, I would not have believed

you. This is not the plan I had for myself. I would still be

working at Randall’s and kiss the love of my life goodnight.

But God has a unique plan and purpose for us all.


There have been things in my life that the enemy

designed to destroy me. When my husband, Bruce,

was killed, I thought my life was over. But, that’s where

my Heavenly Father guided me with His Love, and

through His Word, gave me the strength to go on. He

gave me the strength to look for His plan for my life and

the wisdom to take leaps of faith and try my best to do

what He wants me to do.


I know that God is with me in everything I do. He has given me a wonderful gift of being able to design flowers; and with this gift He has also given me many opportunities to meet wonderful people, just like you, to share His Love.

I never saw myself as a strong person. I didn’t have to be. Bruce was my strength and his strength came from God. He was my ‘middle man’. Sometimes in life, we need a middle man to help us realize where our true strength comes from.


The Mustard Seed is another leap of faith in my life. I waited patiently on the Lord as He put many people in my life (to whom I am eternally grateful) to help make this reality. In 2006, it started out a tiny ‘mustard seed’—a dream of a tearoom where people could come and, like myself, realize the plan that God has for their life.


I have three prayers for you today, my friend. 1) That you will realize the plan God has for you, 2) That, if you are at a time in your life where you need a ‘middle man’, my staff and myself can be that middle man for you, and 3) That you will take that tiny seed of faith which God has placed in all of us, and allow it to grow into a strong tree for the people of your life to take refuge under its beautiful branches.

Your Friend & Servant,

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